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Once telephone line wiring is installed in your home, maintaining it becomes your responsibility. And if you've ever had a phone jack go bad or problems with your inside wiring, you know how expensive they can be to repair. You won't ever have to worry about those costs, with Trinsic's Inside Wire Maintenance service plan.

Now you can protect yourself against unexpected repair costs for a small fee - just $5.95 per month.

Trinsic's Inside Wire Maintenance plan provides you with reliable protection against unexpected or expensive repairs to phone jacks or wires inside your home, and includes:

  • In-home service visits by a trained technician
  • Diagnosis and repair or replacement of inside phone wiring and phone jacks
  • Quality, timely repair service

That's true peace of mind for just a few dollars a month!

Once you've subscribed to our Inside Wire Maintenance plan, just call Trinsic Customer Care to make a service request. A skilled independent contractor will contact you directly to coordinate a convenient time to visit your home to complete diagnostic work and any necessary repairs.

Don't wait for problems to happen! Get Inside Wire Maintenance and never worry about inside wire and phone jack problems again. Just $5.95 a month!

Trinsic Customers: Call 1-877-9TRINSIC (1-877-987-4674) today to sign up for Inside Wire Maintenance.

Not a Trinsic Customer Yet? Call 1-877-237-6278 today and ask for the Inside Wire Maintenance plan when you sign up for Trinsic Service.

NOTE: Protection under the Inside Wire Maintenance plan begins 30 days after enrollment. The plan will cover the cost to repair or replace your phone wiring, between the network interface point (which is usually a gray box attached to the outside of your residence) up to and including your jacks inside the house, if damage is caused by normal wear and tear. Call 1-877-9TRINSIC (1-877-987-4674) for details.

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